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Here's some answers to some frequently asked quetions:

What if the job is only a small one?

No job is too small.

I work during the day time. How will you do the job?

Peter's Handyman Services Inc. is fully insured.

What happens if you cannot handle the job?

We will not accept the job unless we know we can do it.

How do I contact you for an estimate?

You can call 778-989-7383 or go to contact us to send us an email.

Why should I hire a handyman over a general contractor?

A handyman is versatile and able to handle the entire job at a lower cost.

Do you offer any discounts on jobs?

Our rates are very competitive for the value that you will be receiving.

What if I am willing to help with the project?

If you are able to help and make the job go faster and smoother, you are more than welcome to do so.

What happens if the customer requires changes?

We will make the necessary changes as requested as long as the customer authorizes them.


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